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Litigation and Dispute Resolution 1

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice is best known for delivering results in must-win high stakes disputes. Our practice is characterized by Creative solutions, Mastery of the legal terrain, and unwavering Tenacity — from “bare-knuckle” litigation, to coordinated and multi-pronged campaigns that meet the client’s needs.

Corporate and Special Projects 1

Beyond providing in-depth legal solutions to complex legal and business issues and transactions that protect and add value to each client’s interests and business objectives, we ensure that we provide quality and timely service according to each client’s needs.

Intellectual Property 1

Our Intellectual Property practice encompasses the whole spectrum of IP from rights identification and prosecution to IP enforcement, litigation and commercialization of trademarks, patents (inventions, utility models, industrial designs) and copyrights. Our IP Department is also the rare practice with the in-house capability to directly provide value-added services, such as patent drafting, IP litigation, IP audit and valuation, all rendered by our IP lawyers with experience and niche expertise. This unique capability is what enables our IP Department to render prompt, responsive and effective legal services to our clients.

Mining and Natural ResourcesEnergy 1

We counsel leading mining and energy companies on a broad range of matters, including capitalization requirements, government approvals, licenses and registrations required for all stages of mining and energy development, including the preparation and review of applications for mineral agreements, exploration permits and service contracts.

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The alternative dispute resolution practice of the firm provides efficient and effective professional assistance to our clients through arbitration, mediation, or conciliation of disputes that encompass different sectors of the economy and by harnessing the statutory policy of party autonomy, confidentiality of proceedings and the speedy resolution of disputes.

Infrastructure Transportation and Public Utilities 1

Among our roster of lawyers are partners who have served in senior government positions, whose experience lends a unique perspective and proves invaluable in providing insights in the workings of the public infrastructure sector. This allows us to better counsel and advise clients on the legal, regulatory and policy aspects of dealings with the government and its various instrumentalities.

Taxation 1

Our expert team of taxation lawyers can help design innovative solutions for the efficient management of tax burdens for individuals and corporations alike. Our team is well versed in the latest developments in tax laws and regulations, to provide our clients with up-to-date and comprehensive legal advice.

Labor and Employment 1

The firm’s lawyers are expertly trained practitioners with proficiency in providing legal, practical and effective solutions to complex labor-related issues and concerns.

Trade 1

Our trade practice is founded on the diverse experience of our lawyers who have advised or represented international associations, multi-national manufacturers, domestic producers and exporters in various trade remedies, from the Department of Trade and Industry to the Tariff Commission and the Supreme Court.

Telecommunications Media and Technology 1

In response to developments in the FINTECH and start-up industries, the accelerating changes to the commercial and business environment, and the increasing role of advancements in technology in driving future growth of traditional industries, the firm provides legal advice and assistance to TMT businesses in relation to investments, corporate structuring and setup, M&As, and regulatory/permitting applications.

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Family Law

Our firm’s family law practice provides counsel on all aspects of family relations, such as pre-nuptial agreements and property relations, adoption and child custody, annulment of marriage, legal separation, wills and succession planning, and even the most difficult and delicate issues such as paternity disputes and domestic violence.

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Our firm offers a wide spectrum of competition law services, such as representation in anti-trust investigations and disputes, assistance with merger and acquisition mandates, review of commercial agreements and policies, development of compliance strategies, programs, and audits, and formulation of opinions on complex competition issues, as well as attendance as competition lawyers during Board and committee meetings.

DataPrivacy Icon

Our firm assists clients in navigating through the ever-evolving and complex requirements of privacy and data security laws. It provides comprehensive data privacy and security services, such as: legal structuring and maintenance of data protection systems, formulation of security measures and procedures, compliance with registration and other requirements of the National Privacy Commission, and representation in privacy litigation.

Financial Technology

FinTech in many ways has progressed tremendously in recent years. It is expected that FinTech will further adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of Filipinos as it is expected to further disrupt legacy financial services and bring about financial inclusion. Our firm has developed expertise on the new legal regulations for the FinTech industry. Our goal is not simply to provide legal services but to grow with FinTech startups who are led by those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and passion to develop their FinTech business, as we assist them to navigate this new legal landscape and to grow their respective businesses.