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IPOPHL institutes anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy policies

The Philippine Intellectual Property Office (“IPOPHL”) issued on 07 July 2020 Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2020-027 instituting policies and guidelines promoting IP rights.

Under MC No. 2020-027, IPOPHL officials and employees are mandated to exemplify respect for IP rights at all times. Prohibited acts of IPOPHL officials and employees include the following:

  • Promoting, patronizing, selling, or offering for sale counterfeit and pirated goods and services;
  • Utilizing office-issued equipment and gadgets, and office internet in accessing websites and/or its merchants which notoriously offer for sale (or for free) pirated materials or goods except if such access is pursuant to verifying or investigating a report, claim, complaint, or case filed before the IPOPHL; and
  • Bringing counterfeit and pirated goods into IPOPHL premises.

Notices prohibiting counterfeit and pirated goods inside the IPOPHL’s premises shall be posted in conspicuous places.

IPOPHL visitors are likewise prohibited from bringing counterfeit and pirated products into the IPOPHL premises. IPOPHL security personnel are mandated to temporarily confiscate items carried by IPOPHL visitors which appear to be counterfeit and pirated. Visitors who refuse to follow this IPOPHL policy shall not be allowed to enter IPOPHL premises.

A copy of MC No. 2020-027 is available here.

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