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IPOPHL allows conduct of online Inter Partes/ IPV hearings and conferences

The Philippine Intellectual Property Office (“IPOPHL”) issued on 03 July 2020 Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2020-021 allowing the conduct of hearings and conferences in Inter Partes and violation of IP Rights (IPV) cases through online meetings/conferences.

Under MC No. 2020-021, parties to pending Inter Partes and IPV cases may file an online request to conduct hearings, pre-trials, trials and conferences through online meetings/conferences, subject to the IPOPHL’s approval.

The IPOPHL stated that the existing Rules and Regulations on Inter Partes Proceedings, as amended, and the Rules and Regulations on Administrative Complaints for Violation of Law Involving IP Rights, as amended, do not restrict the conduct of hearings, trials and conferences, hearings to the physical appearance of the parties, including their counsels and witnesses, in the premises of the IPOPHL. A copy of MC No. 2020-021 is available here. For more information on this announcement, you may direct your concerns to [email protected].