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Embracing Innovation: Insights on Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession

Hannah Rose Marian U. Furigay


On April 19, 2024, Ms. Marian Coquia-Regidor of Zendesk delivered a detailed lecture on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the legal sector at Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia. Her presentation, titled “Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession,” covered a wide array of topics including the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, the growing role of generative AI, and its diverse applications in legal practice.


Ms. Coquia-Regidor commenced her talk by explaining the core concepts of AI and machine learning, clarifying their functions and significance within the legal field. She then explored the capabilities of generative AI, illustrating its potential to significantly alter document drafting, due diligence, and legal research—areas traditionally requiring substantial time investment by legal professionals. While acknowledging the efficiencies brought about by AI, Ms. Coquia-Regidor also pointed out the technology’s inherent limitations and challenges, emphasizing the ongoing need for human oversight to maintain accuracy and adhere to legal standards.


To fully leverage AI responsibly, Ms.  Coquia-Regidor also shared best practices and safety tips that legal professionals should consider. The session underscored not only the vast opportunities but also the significant challenges that law firms encounter with the integration of AI technologies. Law firms are encouraged to proactively adapt to these technological shifts by devising comprehensive strategies that facilitate the responsible and effective incorporation of AI tools. This integration must be managed carefully to ensure that the deployment of AI aligns with the ethical standards of the profession and continues to meet the high levels of legal service that expected by clients. Moreover, she stated that firms must consider the implications of AI on data security and client confidentiality, ensuring that AI use adheres to all regulatory requirements and ethical guidelines. This proactive and responsible approach is crucial for law firms aiming to leverage AI to enhance their services while maintaining their role as trusted advisors in the legal landscape.


Ms. Coquia-Regidor’s insightful discussion marks a significant milestone in Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia’s journey towards integrating innovative technologies into its practice. Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia recognizes the transformative impact of technology on the legal industry and is committed to keeping pace with the latest technological trends and innovations. By staying informed about these developments, the firm aims to enhance its legal practice while carefully addressing concerns related to confidentiality and accuracy.