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Department of Environment and Natural Resources issues Department Administrative Order No. 2026-21 on the Establishment, Harvesting and Transport of Bamboo

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (“DENR”) has issued Department Administrative Order No. (“DAO”) 2021-26, providing the rules and regulations governing the establishment, harvesting, and transport of bamboo.

DAO 2021-26 aims to encourage the establishment of bamboo plantations and to promote the sustainable use of bamboo-based industries in the Philippines, specifically:

a. increase the productivity, supply and access to bamboo resources in support to the development of the Philippine bamboo industry;
b. provide a system for sustainable harvesting, transport and use of bamboo resources;
c. accommodate other support activities such as research and development, processing and marketing; and
d. contribute in mitigating the impacts of climate change and attaining environmental stability.

DAO 2021-26 covers all naturally grown bamboo stands, backyard farms and plantations found within forests lands, agricultural lands (alienable and disposable), mineral lands, private titled lands, and ancestral lands, except bamboo plantations established under the programs of the Department of Agriculture.

Under DAO 2021-26, bamboo plantations intended for commercial production shall be registered at the DENR’s Community Environment and Natural Resources Office or Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office with jurisdiction over the bamboo plantation. All existing bamboo plantations and naturally growing bamboo for commercial purposes shall be registered with the DENR within one (1) year from approval of DAO 2021-26. Newly established bamboo plantations shall be registered with the DENR within three (3) months after establishment.

DAO 2021-26 took effect after it was published on 23 August 2021 and acknowledged by the University of the Philippines National Administrative Register on 24 August 2021.